Enter the Tomb!

Welcome to my tomb!

What I currently want to figure:

Learn how to make draggable frames, something to put my giffypet in that can be minimized

Figure out how to move elements of my page around. css what are you

Make a banner lol, want a kind of driving at night during wintertime theme (i like blinking things that are bright, sometimes i fly into firepits thinking it is the moon. buzzbuzzbuzzbzzzbz)

Find a readable font, probably gonna use century gothic she is my old faithful

What the fucj is css how do you layer that shit wh a

What i am doing rn:

Downloaded a new editor!!! god bless brackets. now i gotta figure out how to use it.

:v What I actually ended up doing SATURDAY several months ago:

Ok so mostly I just messed with my background by editing a star falling gif onto the existing image. It's basic but I'm happy with it, looks kinda like a swimming pool sky to me.